Founder/CEO, Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 
Alecia has been working as a counsellor for six years. She truly thrives when working with children as a school counsellor. As an integrative therapist, it is her mission to help them access feelings and thoughts through creative methods. It combines CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic and person-centred approach). She believes creative mediums such as exercises, wording, using creative art material helps people, especially young people to access their feelings, emotions easier. “It is not the therapist who is the expert in the room, but the client,"she says.


Secretary for Creating Expressions. Pauline has been a part-time counsellor and mediator for six years, working with adults and young people. She's an integrative therapist, combining three of the most common forms of therapy. "No single type of therapy suits everyone all the time. Being an integrative counsellor means I can be flexible, working in a way that fits your needs". She also uses creative techniques like drawing and writing, finding that it helps a lot of people to really express themselves. Pauline is passionate about helping people to change or to cope with stresses or traumas in their lives.


Annie is a qualified Integrative Counsellor. This means working with elements of the three main theoretic styles of counselling (CBT, psychodynamic, and the person-centred approach) to tailor the experience to one's needs. In the last 6 years, Annie has worked with both children and adults with diverse needs, including addiction and domestic violence. "The most important thing for me is to develop a relationship of trust and mutual respect with my clients, and then accompany them along their journey of exploration, resolution and healing," says Annie.


Pauline, as a qualified counsellor, works with varied presenting problems. She has worked within the Health & Social care since 2001. Pauline gained further qualifications in Reminiscence Therapy, Makaton Sign Language & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ADHD & Autistic Spectrum. She skilled herself in these areas to be able to communicate effectively with people within these client groups: Dementia/Alzheimer’s, Hearing/Speech Impediments & Learning Difficulties.

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