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Family counselling

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Every family has its share of problems and difficulties. Things change, people fall out, grow up, grow apart and tragedies happen. There are many different types of families and not all of them are related by blood.

Family can affect every area of our lives, from the time we are born to our last moments. Family affects who we are and has a big influence on who we become. From family, you learn habits and customs and how to look at world around you. Family is often the first place where you learn how get on with others, how you fit in, and how to love.

There are so many pressures on families these days. Sometimes it’s not having enough money to pay the bills, get what you want, or to give children what they want and need. At other times, it’s the breakdown of relationships and the resulting arguments. Or there is the worrying negative influence of some friends, social media, music, new relationships or gangs. For younger people, it’s often the feeling that they are not understood.

If you are in a family where there are a lot of difficulties and conflict, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Family counselling is a way to restore peace and gain better understanding. It enables people in families to explore and express their thoughts and feelings in a safe place. It also allows family members to see and understand each other’s needs and make the right changes in their relationships and lives to allow them go forward in a more positive way.


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