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Do you struggle to access your emotions too?

It can be much easier than you’d think to dive deep down into your feelings. The Iceberg exercise can not only help you to name your emotions but to analyse any pattern of negative behaviour or thinking and the reason behind it.

Start with drawing the image of an iceberg in the sea. The water that divides the surface from what lies beneath represents what is visible and what is usually hidden under the surface. Therefore, the tip of the iceberg is what we tend to show towards society, and under the iceberg, which is usually much bigger, are the feelings we often suppress. And when we do, is when there is a danger alert and a ship hits our iceberg. Usually, the part that is hidden in the sea.

One example of the Iceberg exercise

Once you start drawing the iceberg, name the feelings/emotions/behaviours you think you tend to show to the people around you in the top part and try exploring the reasons of the mentioned feelings at the bottom of the iceberg. You might not be fully aware of the feelings that lie beneath the surface, but this exercise can lead to identifying a strategy in terms of how to cope with /change these feelings. It is advised to spend around 20-25 mins with this exercise and complete it again when you feel necessary.

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