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Using The Creative Arts

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Using the Creative Arts

Why use the creative arts in therapy? Art can keep us away from the pressure of using words to explain how we feel. For example, when people hear certain words, they make judgements. Secondly, using what you think are the ‘wrong’ words can make you feel self-conscious or fearful. You might be extra careful with the words you use while talking to a counsellor because you are worried about what we might think of you or whether you are ready to fully trust us.

Research has found that working creatively has positive mental healing effects. It can make people feel more understanding of themselves and each other.

Creating art can feel easier and safer than talking. Whatever you create can contain ideas you hadn’t realised you were thinking about. It can reveal your hopes and fears and what you really feel. No skills are required. We all have a creative side, it’s just not often encouraged or life gets in the way. We’ll let you know the topic we are looking at and you simply pick up the pencils, pens or whatever material you have chosen and do what you


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