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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Our group workshops have run over 4 weeks, each session lasting 2 hours.

More workshops are planned, so watch this space!

Our workshops are a form of group therapy. Group therapy is really about people coming together, under the guidance of a trained therapist, to talk. At Creating Expressions, people in our groups can also express themselves by using art and other creative materials. There is security in knowing that what's said in the group, stays in the group!

The idea of taking part in a group session can seem intimidating or something you really don’t want to do. Why would you want to share your ‘business’ with other people? But when people come along and take part in our workshops, they have found that they have become more ‘confident’ and have spoken up when they ‘don’t usually talk about feelings'.

Other Benefits of Group Therapy Sessions or Workshops:

  • · In group sessions, you often realise that you are not alone in experiencing the problems, thoughts or feelings that you have.

  • · In group sessions, you find that you can receive support and encouragement from others who may have experienced something similar to you and have found solutions to the problem. You can even find yourself giving support to other people in the group!

  • · A group session is an opportunity to find your voice. You may begin to notice what your real feelings are about things as well as understanding what you need from others, from life, and so on. You can then express what you feel, and what you want, to others in the group.

  • · In a group session, you also get the chance to look at how you get on with other people, whether it’s difficult or hard work, and perhaps find out why. With the help of the therapist and other people in the group, you might try other ways of being with people that will help you feel better about yourself or get what you need in your life, improving your relationships outside the group and increasing your social skills.

  • · There really is safety in numbers! You can develop and practice new skills in the group where they can support you, increasing your confidence. This support often continues between sessions as the group members get to know and trust each other.

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23 abr 2019

I agree that group therapy is something good a it’s nice way for children of eny age can talk about there problems but I don’t think that u should say that it is group therapy my friends in year 7 would probably make fun of someone if they said that they were doing a group therapy sessions but this program looks good I have high hopes that you guys will help children

Me gusta
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