The coronavirus pandemic has meant that we must now get used to a new normal. We are being asked to socially distance from each other and to self-isolate and it is not clear how long this will last for. As a result, you may be feeling anxious, worried, scared, frustrated or just lonely and very sad. But there is still help available even though it is not the face to face counselling you may be more familiar with. We offer online and telephone counselling and there are lots of advantages to having therapy using these options. You can still get the help and support you need from a counsellor, wherever you are.

what we offer...

Online Counselling


Telephone counselling works in the same way as face to face counselling, but sessions are carried out over the phone.

Video chat counselling enables you to video chat with your counsellor in real-time with over the Internet. We use the Zoom programme and app to do this.

Email counselling is a form of online counselling that allows you to work with a counsellor by exchanging emails. You write your problems and concerns in an email, and the counsellor replies with a considered therapeutic response. This may help you if you do not feel comfortable talking about your problems.

Short-term Counselling


You would normally have 8 sessions with a counsellor


Consider this if ...You have a goal or are looking for a solution to something that is troubling you​

You have never had counselling before and want to try it, or

You want to have some support with your problems, but money is tight.

Long-term or Open-ended Counselling


You would be going to counselling for a longer time, for months or more, because the end date is decided much later.

Consider this if...You have quite a few problems and need a longer time to work through them, or

Your concerns have been troubling you for a long time, perhaps since childhood.

An option for you if You have already had some short term counselling and/or you think you need more time to look at your problems.