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Talking to your teenager

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

He or she “won’t talk to me” is something we hear from a frustrated parent. “They don’t understand” sums up one of the common responses we get from young people.

Sometimes the gap between parents or carers and young people seems so big it seems impossible to make any sort of bridge or to get closer. But it isn’t impossible to rebuild a relationship with the young person you are responsible for.

Part of growing up is discovering your own way of thinking, your own way of viewing the world and having your own opinions. The influence of friends and other peers, as well as that of social media becomes stronger and what can be viewed as rebelling may be part of this. Yet this phase of growing up doesn’t have to end in constant arguments and a permanent breakdown in relationships.

Here at Creating Expressions, we can help parents or caregivers to have a conversation with their young people and to see the benefits of really listening in rebuilding relationships.


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